Hiatus is Over, I'm Back!

So, I have been on hiatus from this blog for the past five months. It can be concerning when a sufferer of bipolar ghosts out for a while. But I've been been doing very well. I've been busy, and luckily, not manically so. 

I'm coming close to the end of what we writers call a WIP (work in progress). It's a non-fiction #ownvoices book. I have to put the finishing touches on it and get a proposal ready.

I retired from teaching after 35 years in the same public school classroom. That was in June. I enjoyed the summer while the website for my new business was being set up. I also totally immersed myself in learning the business. In September I was ready to go as a college admissions coach.

I had to (or felt I needed to) maintain a blog on the topic on the website. I had to drum up clients. Mostly I got essay business. To my surprise, I didn't get it locally, but from around the world! There are many international or first generation Americans who are very impressive students but don't have a lot of confidence in their English.

There were many students who waited until the last minute. I worried that once the application season got over, business would drop off. But I'm getting a crop of sophomores and juniors for me to guide through the admissions process.

My goal is to keep up with it all without getting manic. I'm busier in retirement than I ever was as a teacher. At least when I wasn't a manic teacher.