Six of the Most Awesome Bipolar Blogs **Update: Make That Seven

Having just started this blog, I've taken the opportunity to peruse other blogs devoted to the subject of bipolar disorder.  I'm not an authority on bipolar blogs, but I have written for and managed other blogs. These are just my first impressions of the blogs I've seen.

Most Professional Looking

This post just considers amateur bloggers. Obviously bpHope and International Bipolar Foundation are going to have professional looking sites. The rest of us bloggers mostly do the best we can on WordPress and don't spend a ton of money on our websites.

Merryl Hammond's blog is very clean and professional looking. As a Ph.D., she actually is a professional.  Some blogs are cluttered. Hers is simple, yet elegant.  Natsha Tracy's "Bipolar Burble" blog is also elegant, with her prominent signature on every page. Her Alexa ranking is consistently under one million, which is an important benchmark to bloggers.

Most Helpful

John Poehler'sThe Bipolar Battle is extremely well organized and offers helpful information in many subcategories of the subject of bipolar, such as treatment, self-care, medication, mania, and bipolar depression.

Best Writing

Most of the bipolar blogs are dedicated to self-help and self-care. Or raising awareness and fighting the stigma. The writing tends to be a bit dry. Two of the best bipolar memoirists, Mayra Hornbacher and Zack McDermott, don't maintain blogs. There's some good writing on BipolarHotMess, with some of the good writing being on guest posts on other sites. Her schtick is that she is a hot mess.


Of the top blogs in the bipolar world, Bipolar Compass is the edgiest. Jess's last blog post has some things I can't repeat.

Most Prolific

Bipolar Me has a post nearly every day.  And it's good stuff. Some wonderful, as dear to me as anyone can be. We have laughed together, cried together, almost poetic, writing: "I am blessed with many friends, online and off, who are eaten together, danced together, sung together, joked together, mourned together, and loved together." She gets quite a few comments.

Best Social Media Presence

Having a large number of followers doesn't mean a blogger has been active and had many engagements on social media lately. It's easy to get content with a large following. The Bipolar Battle has 18.4K followers on Twitter, and the follows back 16.2K. He posts something every day. 

You can find these and other blogs linked to my "Related Sites" page. It disappoints me a little that most of these blogs do not display links to other blogs.

Update: Just discovered Kitt O'Malley, who has 23.3K followers and follows 23.1K back! I've linked her site on my Related Sites page.