Yes, You Can Be a Bipolar Star!

You can be a star at home.  You can be a hero to your spouse and children. You can be a star at work. You can be employee-of-the-month. Or year. Or you can be successful with your own business. You can be the star of your own life. There's no cure for bipolar, but it doesn't have to be a life sentence or a death sentence. 

That is the message I’m promoting with this site, this blog, and some of the merchandise I’m offering. Everyone says we need to end the stigma. It’s become a tired cliche. Not many people are doing anything real to bring about the end of the mental illness stigma. Saying it doesn't make it happen.

But you can display Bipolar Star gear and make your statement that you are a bipolar star. Or that you love one. I will be adding gear for the people who love and support people with bipolar disorder. Be the star of your own life.