I taught history in a public high school for 34 years. Recently I was president of the Vermont Alliance for the Social Studies. I've also recently retired from teaching.

For the last decade, I've been diagnosed with bipolar I disorder.  Here I am with my Middlebury College sweatshirt. Mental illness doesn't care if you attended an ivy or a mini-ivy. Can you tell by my picture that I have a serious mental illness? Of course you can't. And yet I am bat guano crazy. Guano loco. Cray cray. I'm lucky my career survived. Whew!

As with many teachers, I am a wannabe writer. A rising star.  So here's my chance. I have lots to say. About my experiences. About issues concerning bipolar disorder. About the history of the disorder. Naturally, I am a history lover.

There are 5.8 million of us with bipolar disorder. There are over 575,000 mental health professionals. The International Bipolar Foundation has over 18,000 Twitter followers and close to 250,000 Facebook page likes. And bp Magazine has a circulation of 50,000. So the bipolar community is large.

I hope some of you will check out this blog!